Plasma skärning.


We cut metals with fine-mesh mask in dimensions up to 30 millimeters in thickness and in sheets up to 2000 millimeters by 6000 millimeters. The method of cutting metals with razor sharp precision is plasma cutting and is like a regular computer printer to the function, but quite a lot more uncomfortable. With the help of electricity, gas and air pressure as well as a helicopter robot, we can cut materials in all 2-dimensional shapes, large and small. Cost-effective even in small or individual projects, and that we can cut large series in games manufacturing quickly and easily with incredibly high precision, with no edges and unevenness that could be a pretext at the next production stage. Thanks to the ingenious construction of the cutter, the risk of heat bending or fatigue in the metal at cutting is minimized even though cutting is done at temperatures up to 30,000 degrees. The advantages of water cutting are partly because the metal never comes into contact with water, which is usually not compatible with metals, and it is cost effective to cut thicker goods and that the plasma cutter is up to 10 times faster than water cutting. No request is too small or too large to take into account.

skärning upp till 30 mm
plasmaskärning för legotillverkning